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Ethiopia – Natural – One Time Purchase

Ethiopia – Natural – One Time Purchase


This Ethiopian Natural coffee offering comes from small farmers organized around one of the most highly regarded mills in Ethiopia. Naturally processed coffees allow you to enjoy the essence of the coffee cherry of which the bean was grown and developed in. This processing style brings out notes of berries, super natural sweetness, and just a perfectly unique cup of coffee.

A wonderful medium roast with a lighter body but full of flavor…can you ask for anything more?

The co-op is fair-trade, organically grown around 6000 to 7000 feet above sea level in the Gedeo Zone and was packed in grainpro bags to seal in and preserve freshness.

Each bag serves about 33 cups.


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Weight12 oz
Bean Type

Whole Bean, French Press: Course, Drip-Pour Over: Medium, Aeropress: Med-Fine, Espresso: Fine